Use Siri to Send Tweets and Messages via Echofon

Posted by UberMediaApps on 3/22/2017 03:23:00 PM

One of the biggest additions in our latest iOS update is the integration of Siri. While the current support for Siri is still experimental, we will continue to improve to the experience of using Siri.

How to use Siri + Echofon:

  • Send a Tweet using Siri using either of the following phrases:

                 "Send message to Twitter using Echofon"
                 "Send message to Twitter via Echofon"

  • Sending Direct Messages is a 3 Step Process (see below):

    Initial support for Siri is currently only available in the latest Echofon - iOS Beta and Echofon Pro. We hope to build upon these capabilities over time and improve the performance of using Siri with Echofon. We would love to hear your feedback from using Siri. Please feel free to contact our beta team to share any feedback or issues you encounter or if you have any questions - Also, if you are interested in joining our beta testing group to try this new feature, send a request to our beta team to be signed up!

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