Echofon 9.4 Makes Tweeting Easier than Ever!

Posted by UberMediaApps on 7/13/2016 02:52:00 PM

Today’s Echofon (iOS) update brings many improvements to the Tweet composer. Now when you add a photo to your Tweet, a preview of the image will show while you type out the Tweet. Simply tap on the preview to open the photo editor to begin adding any filters or effects you would like to the picture before sending. With this update, Echofon now supports the ability to add descriptions — also known as alternative text (alt text) — to images in Tweets to ensure content you share is accessible to the widest possible audience. There are also improvements for Quotes and Replies in the composer. We really hope you enjoy these new features! Please feel free to share your feedback with us anytime! You can reach out to our support team here: We’d love to hear your thoughts about the update.

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