Echofon Firefox 2.0 beta2

Posted by naan on 4/07/2011 07:06:00 PM

Thank you for a lot of feedback about new Echofon Firefox beta! Since many of you asked us to bring back old UI, we added "Panel Mode" which works like Echofon 1.x. This is how it looks:

Since Panel/Sidebar mode doesn't have a menubar, here's some tricks that you might want to use.
  • Click selected tab to jump to unread point
  • Tab key to next tab, Shift+Tab key to previous tab when the compose text box is focused
  • Escape key to close Panel
  • enter "@username" in awesome bar (location bar) to open user profile view

Here's complete changes in version 2.0 beta2:

  • Added "Panel Mode" (works with Firefox 4 only for now)
  • Added menubar on window mode with several keyboard shortcuts
  • Added spell check and suggestion in the context menu of the compose text area
  • Added "Popup tweet while Echofon window/sidebar is open" and "Always open a link in a new tab" option

  • Echofon follows "Open new tab in background" settings to open links
  • Click Photo View to open its original photo page
  • Do not open Photo View if user clicks a photo URL (Photo View will be opened only by clicking thumbnail)
  • Fixed an issue that unread border doesn't appear in certain case
  • Fixed an issue of missing tweets
  • Fixed an issue that retweet function doesn't work
  • Fixed an issue that mute settings disappears after user restart Firefox
  • Fixed an issue that default keyboard shortcut is conflicted with Firefox 4 on Windows
  • Fixed several other minor issues

Download Echofon Firefox 2.0 beta