Echofon for Mac User Stream Preview

Posted by Nathan on 7/28/2010 01:10:00 PM

We've been working on a version of Echofon for Mac which supports Twitter's new User Streams API. This new system allows for two very cool features.

  1. Tweets show up immediately, you never need to refresh. This includes mentions and direct messages.
  2. Events show up in your timeline when a someone does an action such as following you or marking one of your tweets as a favorite.

Twitter is introducing this new functionality gradually, we are working with them to do a limited preview release of Echofon for Mac with User Streams support. If you are a registered user of Echofon for Mac, you may download the preview version here.

If you are not yet a registered Echofon for Mac user and would like to participate in the preview release, you can register Echofon to do so.