Echofon Pro, Now Available for iPad

Posted by Nathan on 6/02/2010 11:16:00 PM

Echofon for iPad

Now Available

Echofon for iPad is now available on the iTunes App Store! Get it now.


Echofon Pro is now a universal application, which means when you buy Echofon Pro, you automatically get it for your iPhone and iPad. If you already own Echofon Pro for iPhone, you'll get it on your iPad for free.

Amazing Twitter Experience

This may be the best Twitter Experience on any platform. The large display of the iPad lends itself perfectly to Twitter. We took care to adapt the core features of Twitter to the iPad, without adding needless clutter. This version of Echofon maintains the clean design that we are known for.

Unique Features

The iPad's format allowed us to add some nice enhancements, such as inline photo preview, conversation pop-overs and a unique users view.

Unread Sync*

No Echofon app would be complete without our signature feature, unread syncing. Echofon for iPad rounds out the unread syncing experience. Start where you left off even if you switch from your desktop (Mac or Firefox) to your iPhone and then to your iPad.

* This feature will be enabled on our servers very soon

Echofon Pro for iPad Product Page

Download Echofon Pro for iPad

Note: Echofon Pro is the only Echofon version available for iPad at this time.