Echofon for Mac – Official Release

Posted by Nathan on 4/12/2010 01:36:00 AM

Today we are pleased to announce the official release of Echofon for Mac. Thank you to all those who participated in the beta, especially those who gave feedback.

A Clean Twitter Experience

echofon mac interface

We like to describe our apps as "clean" because we take care not to include bothersome interface elements. We keep it simple because we know Twitter users like to keep up with Twitter all day long, and nobody wants a distracting app open for long periods. This doesn't mean Echofon for Mac is simplistic. When you engage with it, you'll find all the advanced twitter features you need, retweets, lists, search, multiple accounts and more.

Keyboard Access


We've added a cursor to Echofon for Mac that allows you to navigate tweets from your keyboard. Learn the shortcuts and you'll be tearing through your timeline in no time!

Never Read the Same Tweet Twice


When you use Echofon for Mac and Echofon for iPhone, you'll always be able to pick up where you left off. Unread tweets are synced between the two apps behind the scenes automatically. No extra accounts or clumsy syncing process needed!

Media Made Easy

attachment icons

Easily attach photos to your tweets with drag and drop. You can also attach screen captures, current iTunes song, or current page in Safari. Echofon uses handy indicators to show which tweets have photos, videos, location, conversations etc.


We are pleased to announce that Echofon for Mac is available as a free, ad-supported version, or you can purchase a license key for $20 which removes all advertisements from your timeline.

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