Echofon 3, Now Available in the App Store

Posted by Nathan on 1/05/2010 10:56:00 PM

Featuring the Latest Twitter Features

Echofon 3 supports the latest Twitter features such as lists, retweets and geotagging of tweets.

You'll find a dedicated list tab in Echofon 3 which allows for viewing, creating and editing your lists. You can also manage lists you follow, see what lists follow you. This is quite possibly the most complete lists implementation of any iPhone Twitter app.

Native retweets are now supported as well. Retweets are displayed in the familiar style. You can still use the traditional retweet format, which allows comments along with the retweet. When viewing your profile, you can see retweets from those you follow, your tweets that have been retweeted and tweets you've retweeted.

Geotagging of tweets is now fully supported. Just tap the geotag icon when composing a tweet to save your location to the tweet. Geotagged tweets show up with a green pin icon in the timeline. When viewing a geotagged tweet, you will see a small map of the tweet's location. Echofon 3 has a unique "Nearby Notification" feature which highlights tweets from your friends that are near you with a red pin icon.

Echofon 3 Screenshots

Pro Power for Free Users

The free version of Echofon 3 now has even more of the features from Echofon Pro. You can use multiple accounts, change themes, use Instapaper, encode URLs with your account, post through, use landscape-mode keyboard and upload photos to Flickr. The main distinction between free and pro versions of Echofon is the inclusion of ads and push notifications from non-Echofon users. Upgrades to Echofon Pro can now be performed via in-app purchase. No need to download a separate version.

Advanced Search

We've overhauled the search tab in Echofon 3. Saved searches from can be seen and managed from Echofon. Trending topics are easier to access and you can read trend explanations provided by It's now easier to search for users and you can search for usernames, first and last names, company names or jump to the profile of exact usernames.

In addition to the improved search tab, you can also search your timeline for specific words and phrases. Timeline search works on mentions and messages too.

More Functionality, Easier to Use and Fully Accessible

There are hundreds of other new features, improvements and interface refinements in Echofon 3. Some of the more notable ones include:

  • Improved timeline layout with attachment indicator icons.
  • Post view includes elegant auto-complete for usernames and hashtags.
  • More subtle unread indicator in the timeline.
  • Map and photo preview when viewing individual tweets.
  • Retweet (with or without comment), reply-all and email tweet functions.
  • New menu with shortcuts to access your tweets, favorites and profile.
  • All Echofon features are accessible with VoiceOver.

Despite the additional features, this version of Echofon maintains the fast, easy-to-use interface we're known for. Special care was taken to include new features in a logical manner, and to improve the layout of existing interfaces.