New Version of Echofon Allows SMS-Like Messaging

Posted by naan on 11/21/2009 12:30:00 PM

Echofon version 2.5 for iPhone is now available on the App Store. We have added the most-requested feature to the free version: support for push and sync.

When using the free version of Echofon on your iPhone, you will be instantly sent a push notification whenever you receive a direct message or mention from another Echofon user. The sender can use the latest version of Echofon on either their Mac (version 0.96), Firefox (version 1.9.4) or iPhone (version 2.5). Get your friends to use Echofon, and you can replace SMS with Twitter's direct messages!

The free version of Echofon now also allows unread syncing. If you use Echofon for Mac or Firefox on your computer, it will keep unread tweets in sync with your iPhone.

Users of Echofon Pro can use the new SMS-like notifications too: a mention or direct message from another Echofon is pushed to their iPhone instantaneously. As before, they also get push notifications for direct messages or mentions from any Twitter app, or the Twitter website. We are also making push and sync for Echofon Pro faster with this version. You will receive notification of mentions and direct messages from non-Echofon sources in 5-10 minutes down from 10-15 minutes.

Learn how to enable push and sync features here: "Echofon Push & Sync Guide"

Read all the differences between the free and pro versions of Echofon here: "Echofon for iPhone"

We are working on lots of new things, including support for the new Twitter features such as lists and retweet. Look for those soon! We also have a completely new app coming soon to the App Store. Follow us on Twitter, @echofon for the latest updates.