TwitterFon and TwitterFox are now Echofon

Posted by Chika on 9/04/2009 05:02:00 PM

We have changed the names of TwitterFon and TwitterFox to Echofon! When our founder, Kazuho first developed TwitterFox, Twitter was in it's early stages and Kazuho never dreamed it would become so popular. Then came the iphone and the sister app of TwitterFox was developed, TwitterFon. The name was a play on "Twitter-Phone". As we began considering launching new apps on more platforms, we decided a unified name would be necessary. Especially considering our plans included creating apps that would sync with one another, using a single name for the whole family of applications seemed appropriate. "Echo" was suggested by one of our Twitter followers, and we liked it a lot because it was reminiscent of the sync concept. We added "Fon" to keep some semblance of our old name and then it was set, Echofon. TwitterFox and TwitterFon have worked as separate applications until now. As Echofon, these applications will talk to one another, unread tweets stay in sync between the applications. Imagine using Echofon while browsing the Web with Firefox, you read some tweets before running off to lunch. At lunch you are waiting for your food and check Echofon on your iPhone, because the apps sync with one another, you will be shown the tweet where you left off at home. Also you can now receive push notifications on your iPhone when you are mentioned in a tweet, or receive a direct message. These new features are available when you use Echofon Pro on your iPhone, we are working on bringing them to the free version of Echofon for iPhone as well. So now all our applications are called Echofon, more specifically: TwitterFon is now Echofon for iPhone TwitterFon Pro is now Echofon Pro for iPhone TwitterFox is now Echofon for Firefox Follow this blog and @echofon on Twitter for more news about our other new forthcoming products.