FAQ on push and sync

Posted by Chika on 9/21/2009 10:29:00 AM

Here are the answers to the questions many of you have recently asked: Q. Can I sync multiple Echofon for Firefox? A. Yes, if you have Echofon Pro on your iPhone. For example, you can sync one Echofon Pro with two Echofon for Firefox. Q. Is there a plan to support push notifications on the free version of Echofon? A. Yes, the system will work a bit differently. We will announce more details soon. Q. I don't have an iPhone but want to sync between desktop Echofon's. A. It's not currently possible but we are working on a way of doing it. This will likely be available around the same time as push notifications for the free version of Echofon. Q. The interval for push notifications is too long. A. We chose the current interval to make sure the push works well. As the service becomes more stable, it is possible for us to shorten it on our server. However, the optimal interval depends on the balance between the server load and the number of users. Part of the consideration is the amount of traffic we send to Twitter's servers. We think the current interval works well in most cases. Q. How soon is the Mac version coming? A. We'll see :) There may be some good news later this week.