TwitterFon 2.0 will be available soon!

Posted by naan on 7/16/2009 06:13:00 PM

We're very happy to announce about TwitterFon 2.0! TwitterFon 2.0 has lots of new features and improvements. Let's take a look the inside. Video upload with iPhone 3GS First off, video uploading. If you have iPhone 3GS, you can upload videos from TwitterFon to twitvid. twitvid and TwitterFon have been working very hard to make this happen. twitvid is fully optimized for iPhone. For instance, if you get a phone call during video uploading, twitvid and TwitterFon saves uploading point then resume the uploading after you hang up the call. twitvid also optimized video uploading not only for WiFi networks, but also for 3G and EDGE networks. Support new OS 3.0 features TwitterFon 2.0 fully supports iPhone OS 3.0 features. You can send a link via e-mail without leaving TwitterFon, you can open Map view from Google Maps link, you can see YouTube videos without leaving TwtiterFon. New landscape keyboard (Pro only) is much improved from previous version. Please note that TwitterFon 2.0 doesn't work on OS 2.2.1 or earlier version of iPhone OS. Please update your iPhone / iPod Touch to OS 3.0 to prepare for TwitterFon 2.0. It's free for iPhone and $9.99 for iPod Touch.
  • In-App Maps
  • In-App Mail
  • In-app YouTube
  • New Landscape post view (Pro only. It always opens landscape orient)
Optimizing Before introducing tons of new features, we would emphasize that we've been working so hard to optimize TwitterFon. Fast and smooth UI is key for mobile client, so we did optimize a lot. In fact, TwitterFon 2.0 is fastest TwitterFon ever even on the first iPhone. If you have 3GS, it's super fast! Here is a list of optimizations.
  • Improved timeline scrolling speed (1.5x faster)
  • Dramatically improved application launch speed (2x faster)
  • Most database operations are now multi-threaded (no block UI)
  • Dramatically improved load, parse, and store hundreds of tweets (no block UI)
  • Optimized loading friends list time (3x faster)
New features We added many new features which you'll love it. I would like to introduce new 2 key features which you'll love to use every day. First is preview tiny URLs. This is very easy and useful, just tap and hold any links. TwitterFon opens an action sheet which extracts tinyURL to full URL. This is save your time to check URLs. Next is integrate with Read It Later. Read It Later is simple and popular bookmark service. If you want read the page, but yon don't have time to read it, just tap "Read It Later" on the action sheet. TwitterFon opens sign-in/sign-up screen for Read It later. After you set up Read It Later, you can save a link and read it later on the web, Firefox, or on iPhone. Here is a list and couple of screen shots of new features.
  • Preview tinyURLs (tap and hold hyperlinks will open LinkActionMenu)
  • Supported Read It Later
  • Fullscreen photo view for twitpic with automatically login for post a comment
  • Insert Google Maps links in a tweet
  • Supported Flickr upload (Pro only)
  • Supported (Pro only)
  • Supported to load older tweet (load up to thousands of tweets)
  • Search startup screen for location search
  • Supported to display friendship relationship (A is following B, B is not following A)
  • Open own profile shortcut on Mentions tab
Refines and Fixes We also fixed bunch of issues users have reported us. Also, on version 1.5.4, ads displaying are too aggressive and many users complained it. We refine it too. Hope you accept new ways. TwitterFon will be available AppStore very soon. Stay tuned and enjoy new features! Note: Apple reported us that TwitterFon Pro's binary file is somehow corrupted in the review process. We resubmitted the binary immediately, but it will take extra time to be on AppStore.