TwitterFon video integration with

Posted by Chika on 6/08/2009 02:12:00 PM

As announced today at WWDC, you will be able to take video with the new iPhone. To enable easier tweeting with a link to video, we are integrating to TwitterFon. One thing we like about is that it enables instant playback: You can start uploading video, and your followers can begin watching the video immediately, even before the upload is completed. We also plan to incorporate many features that take advantage of iPhone 3G S and OS3.0., such as in-app maps, in-app email, and landscape mode. New version will be out sometime in July, provided the approval by App Store goes smoothly. Push notification will come a bit later - probably late summer - due to server-side issues. Stay tuned! (P.S. As you see bellow, I'm not Kazuho;) I've joined naan studio to help Kazuho on business development so that he can focus on coding. You may see me from time to time on this blog from now on.)