TwitterFon version 1.5.1 will be available soon

Posted by naan on 5/21/2009 11:11:00 AM

I submitted version 1.5.1 today. This is minor bug fixed version up. (See also: TwitterFon 1.5 Known Issues) However, there's a one big change which is app icon. I got many complain about new icon, then Sarah Tan, one of beta testers, send me a great icon. I hope you'll like it too. Also, Timeline View UI has been improved a little bit. User's screen name is now hyperlink to open User Timeline View, so this is good short cut to open user's timeline. Version 1.5: Version 1.5.1: I submitted version 1.5.1 today and it will be available within a week. Here is the change log: CHANGED:
  • Polished application icon
  • Tweet view now has a link of user's screen name (like
  • Adjusted search bar UI
  • Fixed an issue in which TwitterFon uploads a portrait photo with wrong direction
  • Fixed TwitPic 1001 error (happens only if you enter non-ascii chars in a tweet)
  • Fixed an issue in which trends search breaks navigation bar
  • Fixed an issue in which TwitterFon doesn't update tweet time stamp in real time