TwitterFox 1.8 beta has been released

Posted by naan on 5/26/2009 10:26:00 AM

TwitterFox 1.8 beta version has been released. Download TwitterFox 1.8 RC1 from Change logs: TwitterFox 1.8 RC1: FIXED:
  • de-DE locale time format
  • Fixed an issue in which TwitterFox miss to get tweets after user posts a tweet
  • Support seamonkey
  • Decrease font size of tweet information
  • Implemented workaround of TwitterFox broken UI on Linux platform
TwitterFox 1.8 Beta 2: FIXED:
  • Decode tinyURL on the fly
  • Fixed JavaScript warnings
  • Fixed an issue that TwitterFox opens preference panel even user adds their accounts
TwitterFox 1.8 Beta 1: NEW:
  • Window size and font size are now resizable
  • New black translucent theme
  • Added time stamp, source name and in reply to info
  • Save tweet in local cache
  • Get more than 20 tweets
  • Fixed an issue that TwitterFox steals focus from input field
  • Fixed an issue that TwitterFox doesn't display tooltip appropriately on Mac OS X