TwitterFon Pro has been released!

Posted by naan on 5/18/2009 12:00:00 AM

I'm very happy to announce that TwitterFon Pro 1.5 has been approved! Here is what's in the pro version.

Multi account with 4 Themes

This has been most requested feature since I release TwitterFon version 1.0. TwitterFon handles multiple twitter account very smoothly. Take a look UI: So, you have reload button and post button which is exactly same as free version. But as you can see TwitterFon Pro has special navigation title bar which has 2 strings. One is timeline type, and the other is current account name. You can tap this to add or change your accounts. The Accounts View gives you not only add / change account, but also gives you number of your friends and follwwers. Also, detail disclosure button opens Profile View. You can edit account settings and reorder accounts cell. In Account Settings View, you can customize auto load option, themes, and You can use different theme for each accounts.

Landscape Keyboard and Shake to Reload

These are also requested many times. New landscape Post View is not just rotate the current existing Post View. It has dedicated layout.


TwitterFon integrates and Instapaper. You can set username and password to make your own shorten URL and track it. You can also use Instapaper to read web pages later.

We'll keep to continue improvement

TwitterFon Pro is an ideal twitter client for advanced Twitter users. But we won't stop here. We will continue to improve Pro version as well as Free one. There are lots of tasks on our the table. Much better themes, more integration (e.g.,, optimize app speed and so on. TwitterFon Pro is $4.99 on AppStore. Buy this app to support making the best twitter client for iPhone!