TwitterFon 1.5 has been released!

Posted by naan on 5/14/2009 11:40:00 AM

I'm very happy to announce the release of TwitterFon 1.5. There are huge improvements on the Pro version, but even the Free one has been improved quite well. Here is what's new in version 1.5. New Rich Text Timeline View We provide this excellent feature for all TwitterFon users. This is a huge improvement. TwitterFon now has rich text views for all twitter timelines. This feature provides a very easy way to navigate links in tweets. Before version 1.5, you had to tap the link icon to open a link. You had to tap twice if the tweet had more than 2 links (Open Link View, then select a link). Rich text also creates extra room since it doesn't need a link button. Now you can easily toggle your favorites, and it's easy to open the user timeline from the @username link. The Rich Text View engine is copyrighted by Satoshi Nakagawa, an excellent iPhone application and Ruby Cocoa engineer. User Lookup TwitterFon 1.5 has a new user lookup shortcut on the search tab. When you tap the search text field, the Trends button becomes a Profile button. Enter a screen name and tap the profile button to open a profile. You can also tap the profile button with blank text to open your own profile. Quick access to Twitter Trends or Search History TwitterFon opens a blank view when you tap the search tab. With Version 1.5 you can customize this behavior. Go to System and select "Search startup screen". Choose either "None" (default), "Search", "History", or "Trends". If you choose "Trends", TwitterFon opens twitter trends immediately tapping the search tab. If you choose "Search", TwitterFon searches twitter with the latest keyword. If you choose "History", you can see the search history. And other things TwitterFon 1.5 also has two new options: Font size settings and auto load timeline settings. There is also a shortcut to install a bookmarklet for your Mobile Safari. The last thing that we added an ad on top of friend timeline. We wrote about ad support on here. TwitterFon 1.5 is free and available on App Store today. Update 03/15/2009 If you are having an issue with local cache error, please clear your local cache from system's * Open -> Tap TwitterFon -> Clear local cache