Couple of Announcements

Posted by naan on 5/01/2009 11:38:00 AM

There are couple of announcements from naan studio, Inc. 1. We just started! We are very happy to announce that naan studio, Inc. just started! We are focused on both TwitterFox and TwitterFon. 2. Closed repository Before we started naan studio, Inc., Both TwitterFox and TwitterFon are Kazuho Okui's personal open source project and he hosted a repository on his site. However, we decided to close them. Please note that version 1.4.5 and later of TwitterFon, and version 1.8 and later of TwitterFox are no longer licensed under any terms. 3. Release TwitterFon Pro We are going to release first our "paid" product, which is TwitterFon Pro. This is an ideal twitter client for advanced twitter users. These are some screen shots and major differences between free and paid version.
  • Multi account support
  • 4 different theme
  • Shake to reload
  • Landscape keyboard
  • Instapaper
  • RichText tweet view
  • Push notification (After iPhone OS 3.0)
The rule of free vs. pro is simple. We keep both simple as much as possible, but pro version has more features as requested. We will continue to maintain free version of TwitterFon without any limitation, means you can use basic functions as you already have on version TwitterFon 1.4.x and we will add several advanced features such as Rich Text tweet view to free version. 4. Private beta test Finally, we are inviting several people for beta test program of new version of TwitterFon. Please visit this form and fill it. We're opening this form at 24 hours, then determines beta tester by lot . We will start the beta test from this weekend. Update 5/2 2:00PM We closed the form. Thank you for filling the form. Update 5/2 6:00PM We sent first beta version to beta testers. If you didn't receive an e-mail from, you are out of the lottery. We will have another round of beta program in future.