Ads temporarily suspended

Posted by naan on 5/16/2009 04:00:00 PM

I suspend the ad display on TwitterFon for now. The new TwitterFon has an ad feature, for which I got quite a few passionate responses. My plan was to release this new version together with the ad-free pro version so that you will have a choice. Due to my mistake in submitting to App Store, however, the ad-supported free version came out before the pro version, leaving you with no choice but to have to see the ads. I am truly sorry for that. To alleviate your pain a little, I decided to take out the ads until the pro version comes out. As I explained in the previous post, adding ads will enable me to dedicate more resources to TwitterFon to make it better. It is also a proof of my deepened commitment to TwitterFon, elevating its importance for me from a pet moonlighting project. I hope to show you my appreciation of your support with enhanced features and usability in the near future.